Water Storage

Using Surface Area to Your Advantage

If you are looking for a cost-effective, multi-functional approach that has a cumulative impact on the overall health and water-saving effect of your yard then look no further than the soil.

Written by Tim


Appreciating The Backyard Ecosystem

Our first article from Tim, our maintenance crew lead!

Written by Tim


Is Your Frozen Shrub Dead?

Here's what local pruning extraordinaire Cass Turnbull has to say about our recent frosty weather.

Leaf Them Be!

It may be litter to you now, but...

Written by Christin


Tucking in for Bed

How you can protect your edible beds during the winter

Written by Christin


Fall Home Show

Come visit us at the Fall Home Show this weekend!

Written by Christin


Seattle Landscaping Ideas: 12 Monthly Tips for Year-Round Success

Seattle Landscaping Ideas: 12 Monthly Tips for Year-Round Success

The Akina Designs team has put together a month-by-month guide to tackling all of your landscaping projects - from hardscaping to fruit trees and rain barrels to pruning, we've got you covered!


To Russia with Love

Christin is off to Russia!

Fence Me In

Akina helps you put some space between you and your neighbors.

Written by Christin


Free Trees Anyone?

Trees for Neighborhoods is offering free trees.

I'm not sour on sorrel.

I have a slight obsession with this little herb.

Written by Christin


Raise the Roof!

Urban dwellers are getting pretty creative when it comes to where they garden.

Written by Christin


Spaghetti Arms

Gardening may be relaxing, but it's still a workout!

Office Sharing

Things are getting a bit hairy at Akina Designs.

New Additions to the Akina Team!

It's growing season here at Akina too!

Written by Christin

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Tip of the Month

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Mow your lawn to about 2-3 inches in height and if you have been mowing regularly, leave the clippings. This willl provide nutrients (free fertilizer!), as well as help with water retention. Your lawn will be looking thick, lush, and ready to tackle the summer heat!

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