Our goal is to nurture long-term relationships with our clients and their land. We believe the foundation of longevity is a collaborative process built with mutual respect and trust. 

Nature and Place

Nature is dynamic and complex, composed of visible and non-visible elements. We work with these elements and the unique characteristics of each site to create vibrant, functional landscapes for our clients. 


We strive for innovative land care practices and environmental literacy within our organization and for our clients. Through our website, consultations, and events we engage with and empower our clients and the greater community to know and relate with the place we call home. 

Tip of the Month

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Mow your lawn to about 2-3 inches in height and if you have been mowing regularly, leave the clippings. This willl provide nutrients (free fertilizer!), as well as help with water retention. Your lawn will be looking thick, lush, and ready to tackle the summer heat!

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Thank You for Visiting

We look forward to working with you to enhance your business or residential landscaping. Our expert earth-friendly interior and exterior design, installation and maintenance services are all customized to meet your needs.

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